Testimonials - Columbia River Insurance Services


While we are clients of Steve’s, our son and daughter-in-law are not. Our son had a long and complicated medical and insurance history when he met and married a woman who had a corporate policy. None of us could see through the details enough to determine if they should continue his insurance, go with hers or seek something completely new. We were lost in the complexity so we sought Steve’s advice. He reviewed and evaluated the relevant plans, clearly explained their options and made a recommendation that benefited both of them. His out-of-the-box approach resulted in great coverage for both while saving overall cost. We are so grateful for his sharing his expertise with no financial gain to him. Steve Davis has our trust and respect and we recommend him highly!
- Elaine & Tom

I’ve found that it’s not just the insurance company that is important, it’s also the agent. My agent Ryan Richter is outstanding. He returns your calls promptly and handles difficult situations quickly and professionally. I highly recommend him.
- Steven P.

I love Chastain. She is a challenge for me because she knows more about insurance than I do! She is funny and smart all wrapped up in one package. Chastain did a good share of being persistent to get all our insurance needs. And she won. KUDDO’S to Chastain!!
- Marsha

Steve Davis – You have been most adequate in keeping your clients informed about the current updates in all types of insurance which you offer. Keep up the good work!
- Barbara

When my husband and I had to get a new insurance carrier we really did not know where to start. Luckily, a close friend told us about Steve Davis. We called and made an appointment and after only one meeting we were covered and felt confident that we had the right coverage. Steve helped us so much and continues to do so. He answers any questions I have immediately. I would never go to anyone else for my insurance needs. Thanks, Steve.
- Mary

Steve Davis has been my insurance "Guy" for many years. I really appreciate the extra effort he goes to every year to bring us up to date on Medicare Advantage plans and the options available for us. Chastain handles my car insurance and she works hard to find just the right policy for me. I highly recommend Columbia River Insurance Services.
- Carol M.

Steve, you have given much peace to me with the plan you set me up with a few years back. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and will start chemo next week. So far the coverage has been incredible. Thank you for all of the updates and information concerning the new rules as the insurance information changes with government regulations. I am very happy with your advice. Thank you again.
- Windi

My experience with Columbia River Insurance Services has been incredible. My agent Ryan Richter has been more than helpful and made it simply TOO easy to do business with him. I was with the same agent for 10+ years and in the short time that I have worked with Ryan am sorry I did not make the switch sooner! I would and WILL recommend Ryan and Columbia River Insurance to all of my friends and family!
- Rachelle & Brendan S.

I am very pleased with Columbia River Insurance Services, and recommend it for everyone.
- Celia

Steve Davis at Columbia River Insurance Services has been very helpful throughout the years, keeping us informed on changes and helping us make the right choices. We have referred many of our friends and family to Steve at Columbia River Insurance Services and will continue to do so.
- Ron & Sharon

To all readers and potential clients of Columbia Insurance Services, I would strongly support the team of Steve’s company. His personal detail and attentiveness is what differentiates those who just “sell” insurance and a group who cares. Columbia River Insurance Services is one who cares and performs.
- John

Columbia River Insurance Services gives fabulous service, especially Steve Davis. They discuss all details and any possible pitfalls before they sell a policy. I can call them anytime and they ALWAYS return my calls and explain the question in an understandable way. They are on your side.
- Art

I have enjoyed my experiences with Columbia River Insurance Services very much! Our agent, Steve Davis, was incredibly helpful and patient during the insurance process. Steve helped us to understand all of the changes with the new health care system and design a plan that fit my family's needs and budget. Steve continues this great service by sending out monthly newsletters, providing information on changes and also additional alert messages when the Washington Healthcare system was having trouble processing and posting payments and what we should do to ensure coverage. I cannot say enough good things about Steve Davis or Columbia River Insurance Services and have recommended them to everyone! I will continue to do so, they are the bright light in the dark mess that's been the new health care system.
- Danielle C.

Columbia River Insurance Services has been one of ease and convenience. My agent, Connie Tinker is always available and extremely responsive. You can be sure Connie will always find you the best rate no matter what your insurance needs.
- Brooks C.

I appreciate doing business with your company. When I have had a question you have explained it to me in "layman" terms. I feel at ease knowing your company will go to bat for me if I have a problem. I also recently recommended a person/company who chose to use your services. I have been with your company for a number of years and plan on staying with you. Thanks.
- James R. aka Robbie

Columbia River Insurance Services helped us sort through the confusing array of health insurance choices when we moved to Oregon. Steve guided us and we made a great decision. We highly recommend Steve and Columbia River Insurance Services.
- Evelyn & John

My agent, Chastain Oliver is excellent! She always is there to answer my questions and on a side note keeps me laughing!
- Jessica F